Please enjoy the carefully cooked "Steak"

 and "Meat Sushi" and "Meat Mash"

with confidence in the taste.

​(Miso soup, salad and pickles included)
​(Ochazuke with set)
​(Ochazuke with set)

​Beef steak set meal

Commitment to ingredients, excellent cooking technology.


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Our shop, carefully selected materials and cooking techniques of artisans, baked with all your heart [STEAK],

[Meat Beef-SUSHI] cooked at low temperature with its own know-how

We offer [Beef-NIGIRI-SUSHI] that taste is different with all three at very reasonable price.


Please visit us when traveling to Kyoto.

We look forward to your visit.


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The finest Japanese beef is cooked in various ways.

​Beef nigiri sushi

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